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Another question about parameters: Now I can choose all the parameters in every single menu item.

Question: Is there a possibility to create options for all menu items? The problem is that I'll have many, many documents in 20 languages and different categories each one. So now starting I choose some parameters, but I've to repeat for every menu items al the parameters. It's a lot of work.

And than, may be tomorrow I'll chance some parameter experimenting it is better to do in a different way, so I have to change every single menu item?

Is there a way to define some options which are working for al menu items? and changing it, it will change every single menu item, like it was working in the options in docman 1.6? Thank you for helping!


Posted 10 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Maria, this is currently not possible. Parameters can only be set per menu item. We do not have any plans to add this into DOCman 2.0. We are happy to consider this for a future 2.x version though.

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