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How to preview PDF's


Apologies for asking on a new thread (I asked on an old, answered one, but I don't think it goes to the top of the list of threads).

I'm having some issue with this. A client wants the pdf to open directly in the browser window (Chrome, as it happens).

I've read some tutorials online, e.g.

and I've got Chrome set up to open a pdf file in a browser window. If I search for any pdf online and click the link, this works fine.

However, if I click on the Download button on Docman, I still get the option to save/download.

What have I missed please?

Many thanks,



Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi David, happy to help you.

1. First off all make sure that your menu item on the frontend is not setup to 'force downloads'. Check the advanced options tab of your menu item and make sure 'force download all files' is set to NO.

2. The preview behavior of PDF's depends on the browser your client is using. Most modern browsers today have build in PDF preview capabilities, older browsers don't. If your browser does not support PDF previewing the file will be downloaded instead.

The link you provided is an older link and applies to very old versions of Chrome if your user is using chrome latest version PDF previewing is default now.

3. If your documents are publically available, aka you do not need to login into your site to download them you can use the build in Google Viewer feature. Google Viewer can be enabled from the advanced options in your DOCman menu item. Make sure to set : "Preview documents using Google Docs Viewer" to YES.

This way DOCman will use Google Viewer to preview certain documents, like for example PDF files.

Does that help ?

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