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Error : 405 Action Read Not Allowed


I read a lot about the "Error: 405 Action Read Not Allowed". But as far as I can see I coudn't find the solution for my issue.

I've set mutilple groups with multiple access levels and permissions to download. So far so good ... the only thing is that if someone don't have the rights tot download I get the errorpage instead of a common joomla page (free too choose) in with I can explain the issue ("You don't have the rights to download this .... if you think that's not oké contact ...")

What I'm looking for is a redirect for the errorpage! My thirst idea too put a rule in the .htaccess (ErrorDocument 405 ...) is not a solution :-(

Do you have any ideas?


Posted 6 years ago by Ercan Ozkaya Staff

We have just released the 2.0 stable version and it also includes a fix for this.
Upgrading is simple but a backup is still advised. You can find our upgrade guide here.

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