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How does item locking/unlocking work ?


sometimes my Documents are getting locked by some users. They usually stay that way for hours. While I do see the use of locking files, it seems strange that the locked time can reach several hours.

Can someone please explain to me how this happens. How is a file locked?Does this happen when a user edits a document, does not save and leaves the page? Would like to tell my users.

Is there a timelimit for locked files or does it only end when the session ends?

As a Superadmin, i would like to check in those locked items if it can be done somehow.


Posted 8 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Ralf,

When a user opens up a document for editing it is being locked. The lock is added to prevent someone else from making changes at the same time. If a user clicks the save or cancel button the document is automatically unlocked.

If a user doesn't click save,apply or cancel the document will stay locked. This can happen when the user closes his browser or clicks on the back button.

DOCman will automatically unlock an item after the user that locked the item his session expires. By default this is 15min, if your site has a long session lifetime this could be longer.

At the moment we do not provide a way to take over a lock or remove it manually.

Does that help ?

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Ralf Hayn

System Information