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No document link generated in K2

We are building a site which will have 1000+ documents that are arranged across a number of DOCman Categories. The files are also in a number non Docman folders arranged in a hierarchy.

A cross section of files have been loaded and DOCman documents created using the "Create Documents" option in the Files section. This appears to have worked as intended.

From a K2 item when "Documents" is pressed (within JCE) the menu box headed "Menu items, Title, Created Date" appears, however the menu box is not populated.

The Document press box in JCE is calling: sitename/administrator/index.php?option=com_docman&view=doclink&e_name=text&tmpl=component.

We also note that within DOCman "Edit Documents" the Description editor (JCE) has a similar Document button that generates the same string and also does not populate the Menu box.

Guidance would be appreciated.


Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Robert, if you r site does not have a menu item that is linked to DOCman, DOClink will not be able to generate links to your documents. To fix this you need to add at least one menu item and link it to DOCman. Does that help ?

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Jerry Bongard

System Information