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Document tagging support

In DOCman 2 beta 3 new files are markes with a little green "new" filed.

I would like to see a possibility to manually mark files to custom made markers.

Then my users could manually add markers like "internal" for documents that are for internal use only. Other websites could mark their files that are on sale with a "sale" icon/text.

This setting shoud be accessible when creating documents. The "perfect" method would be that the site administrator creates these markers and allows certain access levels to have acccess to certain markers.


Posted 6 years ago by Ercan Ozkaya Staff


DOCman 3.0 RC2 is now production-ready and available. It also comes with this feature.

You can find more information on DOCman 3 on our blog post here with a link to download:

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Ralf Hayn

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