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Hi there

where can I find:

  • Option to display editable numbers in order categories? I have to change ca. 50 categories and use this by arrow up and down is a hour work.
  • Is there a secret option to define the main ordering instead inside the menu?
  • How can I copy categories? These 50 category will have 12 subs inside
  • So I'm now at the end of search and didn't find an option to "mass-config" the categorys that I can give them 50 categorys 1 main categoy. Where can I find this?




Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Thanks Steve,

1. I have added a ticket for this. We will see if we can add this in a future release.

2. No there is no main ordering, ordering is always defined per menu item.

3. There is no copy function yet. This is on the list of features to be added.

4. What do you exactly mean with 'mass config' ? You mean batch change the settings of the 50 categories all at once ?

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Steve Kraft

System Information