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Assign multiple documents in batch automatically

Hi. I am thinking to a nice and very useful feature that assign multiple documents added in batch to the relative owner automatically.

My idea is this:

Let's say that I have to add document A and assign it to owner A, document B and assign it to owner B, document C to owner C and so on....

I can add all these documents in batch and the plugin will assign every document to the right owner by matching a keyword in the name of the file to name of the user.

In my example: I must create every name of the file with a text or keyword that is the same of WP username (that is unique if I remember right). So if I name the name of the file "Alpha translation of book" this will be assigned to the user with username "Alpha". In other word this feature will match the exact username with a keyword in the name of the file.

If it doesn't match will show a message to advise the documents not added for not match.

This feature will help to upload or add many documents in batch to many users quickly.

What do you think?

Best regards

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Francesco Paolo Aprile

System Information