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How to link directly to an HTML file

I have a document on my website that consists of an OpenOffice document, which is also exported into various formats (specifically PDF and HTML), and then all of them are uploaded and linked on my Joomla site. The document is updated monthly, and the file name does not change (the updates are usually errata, etc.).

Up until recently, I'd been uploading via FTP, and hand-coding the links to the files. This worked, but was clumsy.

DOCman has made the file management portion of the system much better, but now I'm running into an issue with the HTML file. Because the file is simple HTML output, and has images in it, when someone clicks on a link to the file from a DOCman listing, it has two problems: 1) It tries to embed the file inside Joomla's template / CSS, and 2) the images are no longer linked properly, since the path / URL of the file as passed by DOCman is not the same path / folder that the actual files are in.

Is there a way to get DOCman 2.0 to pass the actual URL of a file for a direct download, with nothing in between? Even when I set the menu option for "direct" when listing it, the URLs are altered.

Thank you!


Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Geoffrey, yes that is possible using the 'linking' feature. This allows you to link a document to any URL anywhere.

To do this :

  1. Create a new document
  2. In File type, select : 'Remote URL'.
  3. In URL of the document fill in the complete URL to your html page. Eg,

DOCman will not try to download http:// remote URL's. Instead if will issue a redirect to the URL. This will create the result you are looking for.

Does that help ?

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