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Asked to install EXTman first

Hello guys,

I'm having problems with extman who doesn't want to be installed. I'm getting this error:

The installation can't proceed until you resolve the following: Your site has an older version of our library already installed. Installation is aborting to prevent creating conflicts with other extensions.Component Install: Custom install routine failure

I have had docman installed before but deleted all files on the server and the database but something still seems to be wrong. Can anyone of you guys provide me with information as to where I can find this "already installed library"? I have downloaded all files from my server and searched for "docman" and I know for sure, that there's nothing left except from the folder "tmp".

I can't install the newest version of docman on my Joomla 2.5 site as I get this error:

This component requires EXTman to be installed on your site. Please download this component from and install itComponent Install: Custom install routine failure

Thanks for your time and help in advance.


Posted 7 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Jacob,

1. The first message means that your site is using an older version of our Joomlatools Framework already. This can happen because you once had an older version of one of our extensions installed, and they didn't uninstall properly, or because you are using Ohanah, or Ninjaboard Joomla extensions.

2. To install DOCman 2.0 you first need to install our EXTman, which is our extensions manager. This also install our Joomlatools Framework used by all our extensions. You can download it here : downloads/extman

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Jacob Peters-Lehm

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