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Versioning of files / Language Support

I'd like to see a feature where the user can select a file and then select a version of it. This can be another language or an older version of the selected file.

Right now, if i want to upload a "user guide" file, which is available in several languages, i have to upload every language as a separate file resulting in quite a few files. This cripples the search because the user searches for "user guide" and finds a lot of documents which are not what he needs. It also cripples the file listing resulting in a long list of various versions of the same file.

From my basic understanding of this this component works, this seems like a major change for me. The current "document" in frontend has to link to several different files in the backend/webserver.

In the long run, and from the usability point of view, a joomfish integration would be perfect.

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Ralf Hayn

System Information