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Download/View document and email as well


Would it be possible to have a feature where, after you complete te form, the document is downloaded/previewed, but at the same time a download-link is sent to the person (via email) who requested the document?

Simply so they can go back later and view the document again, without having to refill the form/create double leads?

Would be super handy to have...



Posted 11 months ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hello Mark, little update regarding your request. We improved this in LEADman 1.1.

You can now provide your users with an email containing a direct download link to the requested document. The download link contains an authorisation token that means the user doesn't have to provide their details again, even if they are accessing the document from a different device.

We are also setting a cookie in the users browser so if he filled out the form once he doesn't need to fill it out again.

The setting can be found in the 'documents' tab and is called 'Enable notification on document view or download?'

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Mark van der Poel

System Information