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What does direct linking mean ?


In the components description, you indicate that you can prevent direct linking to a document. After setting up DocMan 2, one of my documents is available at a URL as below:


Would someone not simply share this link to directly download it? Is there another way to prevent direct linking of files that I'm not seeing?



Posted 8 years ago by Johan Janssens Staff

Hi Jordan,

With direct linking we mean that you cannot use the actual file location, files are only available through their URL.

For example suppose you create a document in DOCman and linked it to myfile.pdf, you have uploaded myfile.pdf in the root DOCman files folder.

This means the file would be stored in /www/joomlatools-files/docman-files/myfile.pdf and be accessible through

This is what we mean with direct linking. DOCman prevents this. The DOCman permission system allows you to define who can download the file through it's URL and prevents direct access. If offcourse you allow public access to the document then everyone can link to it and download the file.

Does that make sense ?

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Jordan Weinstein

System Information